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Christ Is Lord
Titles Of Jesus

Jesus Always Was And Always Will Be!

Jesus was addressed by various names and titles during the time He walked the earth as a man. Here I will list them, thier significance and where they can be found in scripture. Use this page to help with your study of the Word.

Teacher, Rabbi, The Teacher: Jesus taught people about God. Mark 5:35

Prophet: He spoke the word of God. Luke 24:19

Christ (Greek for Annoited One/Messiah): Sent to establish God's kingdom on earth. John 1:41

I Am: Jesus existed before his human life on earth. John 8:58

The Lamb of God: Jesus would be a sacrifice for sin. John 1:29

Jesus the Nazarene: To distinguish him from other people called Jesus. Matthew 2:23

Son of David: Descended from David. Fulfilled all the promises made to King David. Matthew 15:22

Son of God: Jesus was uniquely related to God. Mark 1:1

Son of Man: Showing his human identity. Matthew 8:20

Word: How Jesus revealed God. John 1:1

Rabboni: My dear master. John 20:16

Lord: A title showing respect. Luke 11:1

Alpha and Omega: The beginning and the end. Revelation 1:8

Author of Life: The one who gives life. Acts 3:15

The bright Morning Star: The one who brings light. Revelation 22:16

Head of the Church: The overseer of all Christians. Ephesians 5:23

Holy and Righteous One: Jesus was both holy and rigtheous. Acts 3:14

King of kings and Lord of lords: Ruler of all. Revelation 19:16

Lamb: Lamb killed as sacrifice for sin. Revelation 5:6-13

Lion of the tribe of Judah: A title of the Messiah from the family of David. Revelation 5:5

Root of David: A title of the Messiah from the family of David. Revelation 5:5

Savior: One who saves from sin. 1 John 4:14

Word of God: Gives voice to God's truth. Revelation 19:13

Jesus Christ Defeated Death!