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Christ Is Lord
Another Email From My Brother - A JW Elder

I received this 02/12/01. Seems Doug thinks I sent him some sort of email, I didn't. Interesting though; note how he proclaims that the Watchtower "kicks out" those that don't conform to "bible living". Jesus came to earth and associated with the very people Doug mentions, sinners. So if JWs do not associate with sinners, then their mission is strictly selfish. What good can come from converting those that don't need converting? Is that what Jesus taught? No, our Lord taught us to accept ALL and spread the word. Never once did Christ spew hatred as my brother Doug has.


I don't appreciate your listing me with the apostate groups,
(or sending me this garbage under the disguise of a free
Yahoo account) that have no other purpose than to bad
mouth the JWs. I don't read the crap anyway, I just hit
the delete key when I see it. It is all the same, some
person who got kicked out cause they could not live up
to bible standards, and are bad mouthing the JW's.

JWs are nothing but a fine group of people who live their
lives closer to the bible than any group I have ever seen
(and I looked at em all - religions that is). So no matter
how many X-Members send me their garbage, it is not
going to make me quit a way of life that is more rewarding
than any lifestyle available.

If you think we are horrible cause we teach people the bible
(and not some man-made traditions like the Churches spoon
feed to their non bible reading members i.e. Christmas, Halloween,
Trinity, Purgatory, Hell Fire, Rapture, and all the other HOG
WASH they dish out) then that is your option. I will
report these spamming apostates (ones who have been kicked
out because they could not live up to bible standards) to every
Spam police organization on the net, and if you are signing me
up for this crap it can be traced back to your ISP.

I don't want, need, desire, request, care, or see any reason at
all for this Hogwash. Again, if you think you are getting unbiased
info from all these X-Members - then you are a fool. Common
sense tells you that you need to look at both sides, but you
choose to read all this crap, and that is fine, just don't send it
to me!!!!!!! I don't need some knotthead who got kicked out
of the organization to tell me about the bible, what we believe,
what they think, what I should think, or anything else. I have
studied ALL religions and have chosen the only one that I see is
following what Christ taught - PERIOD! I will not be even the
slightest bit influenced by ANY letters from a bunch of bad
mouthing, immoral smoking folks who have nothing better to do
with their time than bad mouth a group of clean folks that don't
put up with that mess, That is why they have been kicked out
in the first place. (I don't read it anyway)

If they want that lifestyle, then Fine - go join the Baptists, or
Methodist, or Catholics or any other of Christendom's religions.
There is not a dimes worth of difference between them all, and
they can be homo's, smokers, immoral thugs, and those groups
don't care - you will be accepted. But Yes - we do kick them
out of our group if they don't live up to bible standards. All
the foul crap you are reading is from ones who could not
measure up, so they are looking for a way to "get back" at
Jehovah's people. It is a privilege to be able to associate
with God's clean witnesses - a privilege that these ex-members

You, or they, can hide behind a free yahoo address, but it
can and Will be traced to the one who set up the account.

Take me off of the immoral SPAM list