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Christ Is Lord
Awesome Testimony By George R. Roesler

Images Of Our Dear Lord

George Roesler is a dedicated servant of our Lord. He has ministered to people all over the world through his web site, music and missionary work. Below is an encounter with satan and his defeat by our Lord. God bless you George! You have been annonited by the Spirit and are an inspiration to us all. (Visit George's site, "Full Circle Ministries." His site banner follows.)

I praise the Lord for you Greg!

The news of your victory as been inspiring to say the least! It is just another reminder that no matter how hard the enemy tries to kill us and destroy our efforts for Jesus, our Lord always brings victory to our lives and total deliverance from our enemy's hands! It is awesome to know that we are the children of God, the creator, Abba, the father of all!

In the winter of 99 I spent two months as a missionary in Durban South Africa, it was my first time in a real mission environment and I was there with an experienced couple from the U.S. that are still there working hard today. One night while ministering in a tent crusade that we had placed in one of the more dangerous districts of Durban, we had a group of young men enter the tent about midway through the worship part of the service. We noticed two things about them, one they had guns tucked into their pants and two that they were drunk.

They didn't seem interested in God and we knew they were one of many gangs that walked the streets of that neighborhood. So my friend that was at the pulpit begun praying against the demons of violence and racism while a reverent calm filled the atmosphere. After my friend stopped praying he simply started preaching and I can tell you that it was no watered down version of the gospel but rather it was a blunt, truth filled, Holy Spirit powered message against racism and hate and ending with the message of hope through salvation and then an alter call.

I went up to help pray for the many people who came forward and there in the front of them all was this small number of gun wielding men. They had tears in their eyes and their hands reached for the sky above their heads, they had sobered up and came to Jesus in total submission, their guns, their bullets became worthless and meaningless. All they wanted by then was the mercy of God our fortress, our guardian of light and power!

I hope you enjoy this.
God bless you!
Your brother in Christ George Roesler

Full Circle Ministries