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Christ Is Lord
Do You Feel God Is Far Away?

You know Christ as your Savior, but you feel that God is far away or that you have wandered from His plan for your life.

I have good news for you. God hasn't moved, and you can renew your intimacy with Him right now. My desire is to see you grow in your relationship with the Lord.
6 Steps To Restoration
For everyone there are challenges in life. Satan often uses these difficulties to discourage us, and this makes God seem far away.

These difficult times often cause us to stray from God in our fellowship with Him. This is a warning that we are entering dangerous territory. So instead of feeling like a failure or being plagued with guilt, we must seek to restore our relationship with the Lord.

This concept takes on special significance when we look at the Greek meaning of the word "restore." This term referred to setting a broken bone back in place. Though not a pleasant process, it is necessary if the bone is to ever grow properly. Just as it must be set correctly in order to grow physically, a Christian must be in a right relationship with God in order to grow spiritually.

Be Honest About Your Failures

First, you must be honest and recognize your failures. Stop rationalizing your behavior as anything other than what it is–sin.

This does not mean, however, that you should be overcome with guilt. God never desires for you to feel oppressed by guilt. It is a tool used by Satan to prevent you from coming to God for forgiveness. If he can convince you that you're a disgrace–too worthless to approach Holy God–he can prevent a growing relationship from developing. And if he succeeds in doing that, he also succeeds in robbing you of the joy that relationship can bring.

The truth is that when you sin, you pay God no tribute by staying away. He has paved the way for you to approach him immediately after you sin. Yes, it is difficult to face him after you’ve blown it, but there is no reason to fall prey to condemning guilt. After all, there is nothing between you and God except sin–and he is ready and willing to forgive you of that.

Accept Responsibility 

Secondly, you must accept responsibility for your sin. Blaming other people and circumstances for your own sinfulness won’t help.

In the end, the decision is up to you, and you choose to sin. Claiming responsibility is difficult to do–no one ever wants to do that! But it is essential for restoration to occur.


A third step in the process of restoration is repentance. Repentance means turning from sin to God with a change of mind. This eventually results in a change of conduct and attitude as well.

All too often, we do things in the reverse order. We have a sense that we must first change our behavior before we can change our minds. We have the mistaken idea that it is up to us to stop whatever sin has us in bondage.

Once our minds change, our actions will soon follow. But the best news of all is that we are not alone. God is there to help, guide, encourage, and strengthen us throughout the entire process.

Restore Relationships

Next, you need to repair your relationships with people you may have wronged. In other words, you must attempt to restore any relationships that have been affected by your sin.

Maybe this restitution is accomplished by asking the person you’ve offended for forgiveness. Maybe it’s returning something you’ve stolen. Or maybe it’s something you can't make restitution for. In this latter case, you have only one option: ask for God's forgiveness, forgive yourself, and let go of the guilt.

In the process of restoring right relations with those you’ve wronged you will also move toward restoring right relations with God through obedience to his commands.

Learn the Lesson

The fifth stage in restoration is to receive the message God wants to teach you through your failure. You may not want to hear what God is telling you, and you may be resistant or reluctant to learn this lesson, but you must learn it nonetheless.

The only time that failure is unprofitable is when we refuse to learn from the experience. If we learn and grow, we have not failed. We have, instead, taken the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and about God.

Be Thankful

The final step is to respond to God’s chastisement with gratitude.

What? Be thankful for chastisement? Definitely!Just as it is difficult for children to be thankful when a parent scolds them, it is often difficult for us to be thankful for God’s discipline in our lives. The real fruit of the experience comes years later when, like the child, we look back in gratitude to our parent for loving us enough to teach us important lessons—even if those lessons had to be learned the hard way.

What's Next?

Restoration isn’t an easy process. It’s for people who are serious about their relationship with God, and who are committed to living the life he has called them to. So now that you have "refocused" your life, it is important for you to establish a solid spiritual foundation. Do not let Satan sidetrack you during this time when you are just getting back on course.

If you’re serious about getting your life back on track, find a church if you do not already have a church home. Begin your own prayer and Bible study times each day. If you are faithful to spend daily time with God, He will use that time to speak to you and guide you in life, and it will be your sole defense against future spiritual attacks.

Don’t waste a minute ignoring God, running from him, or allowing unconfessed sin to keep you from enjoying full fellowship. Face your sin, confess it and move on. God has done everything he can do to provide you with barrier-free access. Now all you have to do is accept Him. He’s ready. Are you?

Since you desire to reestablish your relationship with God and to renew your spiritual focus, why not begin by talking to God and telling Him just that? Below is an example of a simple prayer that will give you an idea of what you can say when you talk to God.

"God, I want to thank you for sending your Son to die on the cross. Thank you for saving my soul. I confess that I have been wandering away from your will and your plan for my life, and I want to ask for your forgiveness. I want to refocus my life on You, and to recommit myself to you. Though I have already placed my trust in Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection from the dead as payment for my sin, I now want to reaffirm that commitment. Thank you for your forgiveness and for giving me your Holy Spirit. In Jesus name I pray, Amen"

The Strongest Love That Exists=God's Love For YOU!